ONGEA! is Born out of our Annual KENYA MUSIC WEEK, which ran for 10 Years – every December, from 2004 to 2013.

Since KENYA MUSIC WEEK achieved its Objectives for the Kenya Music Industry over that Decade, we are now Broadening the Scope of our Event – whose three Pillars are still Trade, Learn and Showcase.

This Event will be held at Sarit Centre Expo Hall in Westlands, Nairobi – KENYA, from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th February, 2017.


A daily Trade Exhibition, of local Industry stakeholders, including interested Regional and International Practitioners.


A daily Industry Panel, by Local, Regional and International Experts.


Daily Showcase Performances, by exhibiting Musicians and other Talent, in front of Local, Regional and International Festival Bookers.

Call for Participation: Bidii Music Talent Search

A Kenyan nationwide music talent search is set to kick off in the country’s capital Nairobi on 8 July.

Bidii Music Talent Search, which is facilitated by Nairobi-based studio Pacho Entertainment, seeks to provide an opportunity for young musicians from all 47 Kenyan counties to compete while receiving guidance and training. The programme will provide artists with a competitive stage to secure a studio recording session and be part of a compilation album comprising young artists. Read More

Additionally, those selected are expected to benefit from the international music networks of the mentors and judges, who come from radio, TV, print and record labels. They include Justus Ngemu of Ngemu Music, The Kasanga from Hitscore Studios, Eric Musyoka from Decimal Records, John Okidi and Totti from KeyD Records, Gerishom Walaka of Asaph Records, Tabu Osusa of Ketebul Music, Dan Aceda from TAB Studio and Eng Wuod Fibi from Barikiwa Studios.

“Those who join and register to be part of this will get an experience we never had starting out in the industry – a platform and willing mentors to give you proper guidance on how to navigate, not only the Kenyan music industry but the global music business. These are indeed different times,” Dan Aceda, who is one of the judges, said.

The judges will shortlist eight contestants who will each get a dedicated website to promote their music and brand, a music video, a photo-shoot session with a leading photographer, training on how to handle media and stage performance training. They will also undergo a business course.

“Our aim is to discover new talent and nurture it into the music industry,” Pacho Entertainment director Cedric Kadenyi said. “We intend to do this by helping the participants create content as well as learn about copyright and music business as a whole.

“We will manage the winners until they deliver their albums. This will involve writing songs for some of them as well as engage in marketing of the artists and content through strategic partnerships The main unique thing about this talent search is that the selection team is going to the regions to find the talent, unlike others that have been done at a central place in Nairobi.”

To register, the search contestants need to:

Register by M-PESA
Paybill: 900900
Amount: 500 Kenyan shillings per person
Account: Enter your name
Audition dates:

8 July – Nairobi
22 July – Machakos
5 August – Mombasa
19 August – Meru
2 September – Nyeri
16 September – Kisumu
30 September – Eldoret
7 October – Nakuru
For more information write to info@kipawagroup.com

To apply click here

UG: Artists Seek Huge Pay for Copyright

By Ali Twaha

Officials from the Uganda Registration Services Bureau recently presented a final draft to cabinet on the national intellectual property (IP) policy. As cabinet plans to discuss it, players spot some gaps that might impede the much-desired change in the industry. At a time when most companies are leveraging the power of technology and innovations, the theft and infringement of intellectual property (IP) has finally become an issue that government wants to aggressively tackle.Read More

After several consultations, URSB, an institution mandated to register copyright and other related IP rights, have submitted to cabinet a new national IP policy that aims at mitigating some of the concerns, especially in areas of research, arts and technology to stimulate growth.

Abubaker Muhammad Moki, the commissioner, policy development, at the Office of the President, confirmed that cabinet is only waiting for the policy assessment report by their team to examine its likely impact on the industry. The IP policy seeks to empower local entrepreneurs on their innovations.

In Uganda today, there are low levels of IP awareness, particularly in the in- formal sector. Information from URSB indicates that about eight patents were granted in 2015 compared to 207 granted by Kenya in the same period. Despite the low numbers, officials say the figure does not reflect the rate at which new innovations are being churned out, and the research being undertaken.

“For any country to develop, it no longer depends on the traditional factors. Most of the universities do not know that it is important to register an innovation,” Bemanya Twebaze, the registrar general at URSB, said.

Unresolved Issues

Local artists and innovators have had a series of court battles with companies over the infringement on copyright and patents. The constitution does not explicitly provide for the protection of IP.

For years, players in the arts industry have been pushing government to develop an intellectual property policy. One of their main reasons was that the status of copyright in Uganda does not cater for their economic and moral rights.

As such, the new policy recognizes that the level of commercialization of literary work, audio-visual [for example music and films], visual and creative arts through copyright and related IP assets is disproportionately low.

The policy does not provide for clear guidelines on how artists can earn from the emerging online market. Information from UCC shows that at least 16 million Ugandans are now using the internet for entertainment, business and leisure purposes.

The low recognition of importance of creative and cultural industries, high levels of piracy, weak enforcement of copyright legislation, among others, are some of the key challenges that the industry faces.

Additionally, artists have contested their industry being under the ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. According to Sylver Kyagulanyi, a music writer, many artists look at music as a business, and not as a cultural aspect.

“When people infringe on copyright, they don’t feel like they are stealing. So, if we have a policy that is clearly identifying this as property, it would bring growth… we have to look at it as something tradable and as a business, away from the traditional approach,” Kyagulanyi said.

He adds that with music under that ministry, government has failed to make creative arts a commercially viable venture. As a result, he says, many get into the industry and quickly abandon it after a short while.

“The problem with the copyright act is basically administration. When we look at Kenya, three quarters of their [copyright] law is basically about the Kenya copyright board. The board will clearly elaborate on how the structure of management and ad- ministration of copyright should be,” Kyagulayi says.

The aspect of administration of copyright remains a big challenge. Artists have tried to push government to develop a national copyright commission that should be mandated to look at copyright issues and promote growth of the industry.

“When you look at our law, that part [administration] is entirely missing,” Kyagulanyi says.

There has been a general lack of coordination among established organisations such as Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS) and Uganda Federation of Movie Industry (UFMI), among others, on how copyright issues and piracy should be handled.

Court Cases

In 2015, Angella Katatumba, another musician, sued the Anti-Corruption Coalition of Uganda (ACCU) over copyright infringement on an advertisement jingle. In the final judgment, court held that the use of Katatumba’s song in an advertisement in relation to a campaign for forest conservation did not fall within the fair use exception and amounted to infringement.

In the final verdict, court documents show that ACCU was ordered to pay aggravated damages of Shs 30m for acting in flagrant disregard of Katatumba’s rights for its own benefit. What this case highlighted is that even if a copyrighted product is not to be used for commercial purposes, seeking consent is very crucial.

On April, 27, 2017, the Commercial court started hearing a case between MTN Uganda and Maurice Kirya after the telecom firm offered some of Kirya’s songs to its subscribers as callback tunes. Although the case is still ongoing, sources close to Kirya said the telecom giant is seeking for an out-of-court settlement.

On patents, Daniel Byamugisha, an innovator of EDAD e-Payment Limited, also dragged Bank of Uganda and MTN Uganda to court, claiming infringement on his patented mobile wallet innovation.

IP Awareness

He told The Observer last year that Mokash, a product of MTN and Commercial Bank of Africa, is similar to his innovation that was running on the MTN system. Mokash enables MTN subscribers to save and get loans by using their mobile phones.

Edgar Tabaro, a business development partner at Karuhanga, Tabaro and Associates, said most of the initiatives being pushed through the policy already exist. He said the policy won’t change much of what is happening in the film and music industry.

“The biggest challenge is that knowledge has not been seen as a commodity or as something trad- able. If that is missing, the knowledge economy cannot take off,” Tabaro said.

“Most of these enforcement mechanisms [on IP infringement and piracy] exist. We have the courts, the laws, everything is available. But the problem is their enforcement and administration.”

“There is urgent need to strengthen the justice, law and order sector for more active participation in enforcement of litigation and regulations, particularly prosecution of IP rights disputes and violations,” the policy reads.

This article was originally published on 7 June in The Observer Newspaper 

KE: Safaricom to launch music app

Kenya’s leading telco and mobile money transfer service provider, Safaricom, plans to launch a music app that enables musicians to upload and sell their songs.This was announced by the company’s CEO, Bob Collymore, at a recent Skiza Tune forum in Mombasa, Kenya. Musicians were given insights into how to protect themselves using intellectual property rights after joining the Skiza platform. The new app is expected to be rolled out next month.Read More

“Skiza is great but you need to be able to stream your music,” Collymore told the gathering. “The people need to be able to stream and buy your full tracks. That is why we are launching a Safaricom music app where you can put your music for sale. I don’t believe your music should be free, it doesn’t work for me.”

The platform will see the more than 14 000 artists enrolled with Skiza earn 30% per song, up from the current 22%. The earnings will be paid through their respective content service providers (CSPs), which will then pay the musicians in accordance with the contracts they have signed and in line with recent legal directives.

“The spirit of Skiza is to ensure that Kenyan artists earn from their creativity,” Collymore said. “We will commit to continue to explore more ways in which we can empower artists to help them make a living from their work.”

Early this year, the Kenyan government refused to renew the licence of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) after it failed to account for the money collected and distributed for the year ending June 2016. Despite that, the MCSK continued with its operations until 22 February when the High Court of Kenyan ordered that the society halt the collection of royalties on behalf of musicians. The case continues on 25 June 2017.

The new app will also allow artists to keep track of their income on the platform. The reporting will be available on a real-time basis and will enable artists to view their own earnings, a shift from the previous situation which saw only CSPs access the portal. Artist will also receive free legal assistance from Safaricom. This will be in the form of a number of legal clinics and through experts in copyright and entertainment law.

“I look forward to the launch of the app,” James Gogo, leader of Kenyan jazz band Gogosimo, said. “Safaricom has given us the key to monitor our own success which is the transparency we need as artists.”



KENYA MUSIC WEEK’s move to rebrand to ONGEA! is based on the need to ensure Increased Sustainability and Relevance of this very important Industry gathering, by Opening it up to a larger Market, thus increasing the Forum’s profile Regionally and Globally.

The move is informed by undifferentiated Music penetration in the Region, marked by increasing acceptance of different Genres of Music across the board. Artists are increasingly receiving Support and Acceptance of their Craft, outside their Countries; a Trend which is Driving the Growth of the Eastern Africa Music Industry.

ONGEA! will be the main Source of new Innovations, Trends and Content for Regional and Global players, who are Setting the Pace for Strategic and focused Growth of the Music &Entertainment Industry in the Eastern Africa Region.








A 4-day public Celebration of Eastern Africa Music


Email ongea@phatafrica.com or call +254 774 386 060


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Roskilde Festival Roskilde Festival is the largest North European culture and music festival and has existed since 1971. It is a non-profit organisation consisting of about 50 full-time employees and thousands of volunteers.  Roskilde Festival 2017 will take place from 24 June until 1 July.
Jul 8 @ 12:00 pm – 11:45 pm
Blankets & Wine @ NGONG RACECOURSE GROUNDS | Nairobi | Nairobi | Kenya
12:00 pm
Blankets & Wine was started in 2008 as a platform for the promotion, celebration and exposure of emerging live Kenyan music. The monthly event series progressively evolved from a platform showcasing contemporary live Kenyan music into an Africa-wide, multi-disciplinary platform. Under the banner of Blankets and Wine, the East African[...]
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Kenya National Music Festival @ Safaricom Stadium | Nairobi | Nairobi | Kenya
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Aug 31 @ 9:00 am – Sep 2 @ 5:00 pm
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9:00 am
The Fast Growing International Music Business Conference KZN Music Imbizo is a fast growing annual international music business conference and exhibition hosted in Durban, South Africa. The conference collects various music industry stakeholders under one roof to map the way forward for the music industry in the continent – Africa.[...]
Sep 1 – Sep 3 all-day
Nyege Nyege International Festival @ Nile Discovery Beach | Jinja | Eastern Region | Uganda
12:00 am
Nyege Nyege is back in 2017 with an even more massive line-up on 1-3 September. North, West, South and East African are all sending their underground music legends to come and represent the best of what contemporary African music has to offer: kuduros, kwaito, Afro house, hiplife, Tuareg rock, cosmic[...]
Moshito Music Conference @ SABC Radio Park
Sep 7 – Sep 10 all-day
Moshito Music Conference @ SABC Radio Park | Johannesburg | Gauteng | South Africa
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Sep 20 @ 3:03 pm – Sep 23 @ 4:03 pm
Reeperbahn Festival @ St Pauli | Hamburg | Hamburg | Germany
3:03 pm
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Sep 22 – Sep 24 all-day
Bayimba International Festival Of The Arts @ City Centre | Kampala | Central Region | Uganda
12:00 am
Bayimba International Festival of the Arts During the third week of September, Kampala comes alive as a vibrant and eventful city when an unparalleled feast of music, dance, theatre, film, and visual arts from renowned and upcoming artists are brought to Kampala. The 10th edition of the Bayimba International Festival[...]
Zandari Festa @ Hongdae
Sep 29 – Oct 1 all-day
Zandari Festa @ Hongdae | Seoul | South Korea
12:00 am
Begininning in 2012, Zandari Festa quickly established itself as South Korea’s Largest music showcase festival. The annual event takes place in Seoul’s Hongdae area, the epicentre of youth culture in South Korea and ground zero for the country’s indie music scene. For four days each October Zandari Festa brings together[...]
Sep 30 – Oct 1 all-day
Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference @ Protea Hotel Fire & Ice | Cape Town | Western Cape | South Africa
12:00 am
Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference The South African music industry is exciting and growing fast but Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference believes that more knowledge transfer, training and unity is needed to help the stakeholders realize the industry’s true global potential.  The conference consists of the following dynamic and interactive activities:[...]
WOMEX – The World Music Expo @ International Congress Centre (ICC)
Oct 25 – Oct 29 all-day
WOMEX - The World Music Expo @ International Congress Centre (ICC) | Katowice | Silesian Voivodeship | Poland
12:00 am
WOMEX – The World Music Expo WOMEX is an international networking platform for the world music industry. The annual five-day event comprises a bustling Trade Fair, Showcase Festival, Conference, and Film programme, as well as festive Opening and Award ceremonies. Twenty-two WOMEX editions have affirmed the value of networking across borders, be[...]
Oct 31 – Nov 5 all-day
Oslo World Music Festival @ Oslo | Oslo | Oslo | Norway
12:00 am
Oslo World Music Festival As winter draws near, Oslo’s most international music festival takes place. Many of the artists who perform at Oslo World Music Festival are big stars in their part of the world, but may be new acquaintances for most Norwegians. About the festival The Oslo World Music[...]
Nov 1 – Nov 3 all-day
Australian Music Week @ Cronulla | New South Wales | Australia
12:00 am
Australian Music Week (AMW) is a music, film, and entertainment industry conference event that takes place in the venues around Australia’s beautiful Cronulla Beach, 30 minutes south of Sydney. The only event of its kind in NSW, AMW is designed for music lovers, artists, and industry professionals as a chance[...]
Nov 3 @ 2:00 pm – Nov 5 @ 6:00 am
Karibu Music Festival @ BAGAMOYO | Bagamoyo | Pwani | Tanzania
2:00 pm
Karibu Music Festival  Karibu Cultural Promotions Organization in collaboration with Legendary Music Entertainment and Promotions Company Limited are organizing the fourth edition of the “Karibu Music Festival”, an annual Three (03) Days International cultural event aiming at African Culture Promotion to the world, as well as introducing other countries’ culture to[...]
Nov 11 all-day
Indian Ocean Festival @ Dobbyn Park | Jurien Bay | Western Australia | Australia
12:00 am
The Indian Ocean Festival The Indian Ocean Festival has become the most anticipated event on the Turquoise Coast. Incorporating the blessing of the crayfishing boats, the community event is a day packed full of entertainment for the whole family including live music, amusement rides and local talent.
Nov 22 – Nov 25 all-day
VISA FOR MUSIC @ Rabat | Rabat | Rabat-Sale-Zemmour-Zaer | Morocco
12:00 am
Visa For Music (VFM) Visa for Music (VFM) is a project that arose from a paradox: on one hand, the lack – or absence – of visibility of artists from Africa and the Middle East and abroad, on the other the presence of an artistic dynamism and yet an extremely[...]
Milege World Music Festival @ Entebbe Botanical Gardens
Nov 24 – Nov 26 all-day
Milege World Music Festival @ Entebbe Botanical Gardens | Entebbe | Central Region | Uganda
12:00 am
The Festival is a joint initiative of the Mayor of Entebbe and Milege Inc that takes place every year in November at the Entebbe Botanical Gardens. This year’s edition will run from Friday, 24th November to Sunday, 26th November 2017. The major objective of the festival is to showcase unique arts from diverse countries of the world as a high-quality entertainment[...]
Feb 8 – Feb 11 all-day
Sauti za Busara @ Old Fort  | Zanzibar Town | Zanzibar Urban/West | Tanzania
12:00 am
Busara Promotions is a non-profit NGO, registered in Zanzibar in 2003. Our main event is the globally acclaimed Sauti za Busara music festival, held annually in Stone Town, Zanzibar. In past years Sauti za Busara was funded by international donors (35%), commercial sponsors (40%) and self-generated income (25%). Unfortunately the[...]
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SXSW Interactive Festival @ Austin | Austin | Texas | United States
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WOMADelaide @ Adelaide | Adelaide | South Australia | Australia
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Cape Town International Jazz Festival @ cape town international convention centre | Cape Town | Western Cape | South Africa
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Kriol Jazz Festival @ Praça Alexandre Albuquerque
Apr 13 – Apr 15 all-day
Kriol Jazz Festival @ Praça Alexandre Albuquerque | Cape Verde
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The KJF has taken on an important and increasingly relevant role on the Cabo Verdean and international culture landscape as, over the past eight years, it has spurred a cultural dynamic open to all continents and of the highest possible quality in the musical realm. The KJF, which has been[...]
Saint Louis Jazz Festival @ Place Faidherbe
Apr 22 – Apr 27 all-day
Saint Louis Jazz Festival @ Place Faidherbe | Saint Louis | Saint-Louis | Senegal
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  The Saint Louis Jazz Festival is held annually in the colorful town of Saint Louis in Senegal. Jazz legends from all over the world come together to play in various venues throughout the town. Past musicians who took part in the festival include Herbie Hancock, Randy Weston, and Joe Zainul.[...]
Apr 24 – Apr 28 all-day
SOTX - Sound of the Xity Festival @ Yugong Yishan | Beijing | Beijing | China
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Sound of the Xity Sound of the Xity (SOTX), is an event happens every year in China. It is the only Chinese platform with a long-term commitment to the joint development of the Chinese and Western music industries. The core program of SOTX consists of SOTX EXPO and SOTX FEST.[...]
DOADOA 2017 – East African Performing Arts Market - 6th Edition @ Uganda Museum | Kampala | Central Region | Uganda
12:00 am
  “Connecting the performing arts industry in East Africa”   Introduction DOADOA is designed as a one-week event that provides a platform for professional networking and joint learning, bringing together various stakeholders and link people, organizations, businesses, knowledge and technology with a view to create demand and develop a market[...]
Rio Loco Festival @ 18, rue Saint-Rémésy,
Jun 15 @ 11:52 am – Jun 18 @ 12:52 pm
Rio Loco Festival @ 18, rue Saint-Rémésy,  | Toulouse | Occitanie | France
11:52 am
The editions Antillas (2013) and Caribe (2014) of the Rio Loco festival have opened the way to overseas territories on the map of the world: Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana. In 2017, the festival, which will take place on the Prairie des Filters from June 15 to 18, will invite new countries[...]
Sep 20 @ 3:03 pm – Sep 23 @ 4:03 pm
Reeperbahn Festival @ St Pauli | Hamburg | Hamburg | Germany
3:03 pm
The Reeperbahn Festival offers Europe’s biggest club festival each year every September. For four days several hundred program points around the Reeperbahn in Hamburg and is one of the most important venues in the music industry worldwide. Initially designed as a pure music festival, the event took place for the[...]
Zandari Festa @ Hongdae
Sep 29 – Oct 1 all-day
Zandari Festa @ Hongdae | Seoul | South Korea
12:00 am
Begininning in 2012, Zandari Festa quickly established itself as South Korea’s Largest music showcase festival. The annual event takes place in Seoul’s Hongdae area, the epicentre of youth culture in South Korea and ground zero for the country’s indie music scene. For four days each October Zandari Festa brings together[...]
Sep 30 – Oct 2 all-day
Lake of Stars Malawi Arts Festival @ Chintheche Inn | Chintheche | Northern Region | Malawi
12:00 am
The Lake of Stars Festival Lake of Stars is a music festival, which lasts for three days and takes place on the Shore of Lake Malawi. The latter happens to be the third largest lake in the continent. Lake of stars got its name from the explorer David Livingstone. He[...]


FEES: Cost (KES) per Stand (3m x 3m), for all four (4) days (VAT inclusive):



1 STAND:   KES 22,000/-
2 STANDS: KES 41,800/-
3 STANDS: KES 61,000/-
4 STANDS: KES 79,200/-

FROM 22,000


1 STAND:   KES 24,400/-
2 STANDS: KES 46,400/-
3 STANDS: KES 67,700/-
4 STANDS: KES 87,800/-

FROM 24,000


1 STAND:   KES 26,700/-
2 STANDS: KES 50,700/-
3 STANDS: KES 74,100/-
4 STANDS: KES 96,100/-

FROM 26,000


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